ЗНО онлайн 2012 року з англійської мови – основна сесія

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Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (1–5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Shaking hands is a polite gesture indicating friendship and acceptance. At one time, however, meeting with a stranger aroused suspicion and fear. To prevent each other from suddenly attacking, strangers joined right hands as a pledge of non-aggression, thus demonstrating that neither party was about to use a weapon. Handshaking is now the activity practised by both men and women not only to greet one another, but to seal a contract as well.

ACover bad breath
BShow that you are wrong
CShow that everything is fine
DIndicate approval or disapproval
EMaking fun or just being focused
FIndicating a feeling of helplessness
GGuard against negative consequences
HDemonstrate your peaceful intentions
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