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Read the text below. Match choices (A — H) to (1 — 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

You’re Amazing, So Make Sure People Know It

When it comes to telling the world how wonderful you are, there’s a fine line between having other people think, “Wow! She’s got so much more about her than I thought” and “Blimey! I wish she’d shut up about herself”. It’s easy enough to let everyone around you know you’re something special — the trick is doing it without trying too hard or looking like an attention seeker.

So here’s how to get the attention you deserve without screaming, “Look at me!”

Being loud isn’t a good way to get noticed. Quietness and a smile can be more interesting than someone who blurts everything out constantly. Be cool instead, and show people what you’re really about, rather than shouting it in their faces.

AWe are talented!
BAccept yourself for what you are.
CDon’t pretend you know everything.
DIdle talk is a bad habit.
ETry to act in good faith.
FDon’t talk behind people’s back.
GKeep your voice down.
HBe original.
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