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Read the text below. Match choices (A–H) to (1–5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Time Is on Your Side

SATs and ACTs and applications — oh my! Here’s how to get it all done and still save time for fun.

Ask any high school student what the biggest challenge is, and chances are it'll have something to do with time management.

Finding enough hours in the day to stay on top of schoolwork, activities, jobs, and other responsibilities is a struggle for lots of students. But for high school seniors who are also trying to keep their grades up, ace the SAT or ACT, figure out where they'll spend the next four years of their lives, and get their college applications sent on time, it can seem all but impossible.

Stay on Track

Here are some ways to help you build time management into your work habits:

(1) ______ . Use a planner to write your schedule, list your activities, and note deadlines. Don't forget to update daily - it feels great to cross items off your to-do list!

(2) ______ . If you get too obsessed with trying to create the perfect college application or visiting every campus on your list, you could get overwhelmed. Set realistic goals, such as completing at least one application a week, and stay focused on them. Many students find it helpful to break major goals into smaller, more achievable steps.

(3) ______ . Instead of hanging out with friends after school, get your homework done early and go out later. You'll be more relaxed if your work is done ahead of time.

(4) ______ . If you're having trouble keeping up, don't be afraid to discuss it with your teachers. Don't necessarily expect any special treatment, but if you show that you're making an effort, they might just be willing to help.

(5) ______ . Getting a 90 instead of 100 on an occasional trigonometry test likely won't destroy your chances for a happy, fulfilling future, despite what you might be led to believe.

With careful time management and a dose of discipline, you might even find yourself with more free time than you thought possible! 

(1) ______ .

ADon't burn daylight time.
BAsk for help.
CMake progress step-by-step.
DSeek balance.
EGive yourself a break.
FStop faffing around.
GDon't worry the small stuff.
HWrite it down.
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