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Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (17–22).

Lollipop Men and Women

In Britain someone helping children cross the street is called “lollipop person”, because their sign looks like a lollipop.

The job of a lollipop person is to walk to the middle of the road at a suitable time, (17) ______ ; it is a legal requirement for traffic (18) ______ . The lollipop man/ lady will signal that it is all right (19) ______ . Traffic may only move once the sign has been lowered.

Generally speaking, school crossings are manned for approximately 3 hours a day or less. As a result, the work has always appealed more to people who were just seeking (20) ______ such as the retired.

Lollypop people were introduced (21) ______ , who had previously run crossing patrols, to perform other duties. The earliest lollipops were red and black rectangles printed with “Stop, Children Crossing”.

In 2001 in Europe patrollers were given extra powers allowing them (22) ______ . The most recent change in the history of the School Crossing Patrol saw the word “children” replaced with a symbol to bring the UK in line with the rest of the EU.

The lollipop man/lady will signal that it is all right (19) ______ .

Ato stop at this command
Bto enable policemen
Cawarding the lollypop lady
Dholding up the sign
Eto cross the road safely
Fto assist adults with crossing, too
Gto supplement their income
Hdoing away with the practice

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