ЗНО (ЄВІ) 2017 року з англійської мови в магістратуру – основна сесія (2 зміна)

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The cause of crime


Are you concerned that people worry about crime? They do. Every day we read it in the papers. A severe crime has been committed, the police have arrested someone, he has appeared in court and has appealed to his innocence but has been found guilty of his crime. We are all very eased in mind that the criminal is being punished for his misdeeds and innocent citizens can sleep safely and peacefully at night.

ADealing with the roots of crime
BPublic attitude to crime
CTaking benefits from public assistance
DExpectations versus reality
EOffenders should be dealt with by other means than custody
FExpecting prisoners to put their lives back on track
GVague future of criminals
HLegal system reform
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