ЗНО (ЄВІ) 2021 року з англійської мови в магістратуру – спецсесія

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Task 1

5 Proven Benefits of Country Living

Science shows that living in the country is beneficial in many respects.


The further out into the country you get, the more air quality improves, including less pollution and greater abundance of trees and grass. Pollution in more heavily-populated areas comes not only from a lack of greenery, but also from tiny yet harmful particles released into the air from trucks, buses, cars, factories, and other mainstays of urban environments. These particles travel into the lungs and increase the risk of a serious illness.

AEasy access to healthy food
BPlenty of outdoor entertainments
CIncreased rate of safety
DGreat opportunities for doing sports
EFavourable climate for psychological health
FLow cost of living
GHospitality of local farmers
HIdeal conditions for breathing
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