ЗНО (ЄВІ) 2023 року з англійської мови в магістратуру – демоваріант

Тестові завдання демоваріанту ЄВІ 2023 року з англійської мови

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Unusual Libraries


It would be fun to check a mobile library in rural Colombia. Biblioburro is being operated by Luis Soriano, a primary school teacher, during his spare time. Witnessing kids, wearing a genuine smile each time he visits their villages in rural Colombia, would surely warm anybody’s heart. Using two donkeys, Alfa and Beto, to carry loads of books, Soriano spends four hours on each trip just to reach those remote places.

Which library__________?

Acontains the founder’s book collection
Bis named after its designer
Cbears some similarity to a UFO
Dis transported by a vessel
Eencourages sharing books
Fis delivered by animals
Gholds annual exhibitions in winter
Hoffers live performances
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