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Brexit could damage UK's fight against corruption, says OECD

Brexit could damage the UK’s efforts to tackle corruption and (17) _____ over the British government in bribery cases, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has warned.

Business pressure to weaken bribery laws and an inability by the government to focus on non-Brexit issues are both risks associated (18) ______, according to a new report by the group.

While acknowledging the UK’s “solid progress” in pursuing recent bribery investigations, the report warned that the proportion of cases relative (19) ______ global finance was low.

“Efforts must be sustained to improve (20) ______ and achieve stronger enforcement of its anti-bribery legislation,” it said.

The report praises the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) for (21) ______ including a multimillion-pound settlement with the engineering giant Rolls-Royce earlier this year.

However, (22) ______ told the report’s authors they were concerned that “Brexit could increase the risk of UK companies threatening to relocate and potential loss of UK jobs as a bargaining chip in negotiations with prosecutors over charges”.

(Adapted from: https://www. theguardian.com/business/ZO] 7/mar/23/brexit-uk-corruption-oecd-bribery-laws)

Adetection of foreign bribery
Bto breaking ties with Europe
Cgive multinationals leverage
Dseveral civil society groups
Erecent successes in pursuing major corruption cases
Fwith leaving the European Union
Gcomplications and delays
Hto the country’s importance in

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